Armoire: Art Deco font family Free Download

About Armoire: Art Deco font family Free Download

A typeface that merges the modernity of Art Deco with the ornamental beauty of Art Nouveau, Armoire is an elegant sans-serif font suitable for both display and text usage. Its range of weights come with accompanying italics, and a special set of case-sensitive uppercase letters.The lightest weights of Armoire are designed in a geometrically-inspired.

Art Deco style, however, as the weight increases, the angle of stress gradually becomes more calligraphic, providing bolder weights with an additional flourish. The Armoire family offers typographers the choice between the Book and Regular weights, with.

A subtle 13% difference between each one, as well as bold and italic versions. The italics are true italics (not simply a slanted roman) with slender letterforms to add a splash of classic sophistication.OpenType features such as ‘case’ (uppercase-sensitive.

Punctuation and raised crossbars on EFGHK), ‘ss01’ (raised crossbars on EFGHK), ‘onum’ (old-style numerals) and ‘lnum’ (lining numerals) are available to further enhance the font’s look. Armoire’s 1.1 update brings the total glyphs up to 614, along with.

Language support for 413 languages, plus various small improvements. Visit to see the full character set.

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