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About Castor Complete Family Font Free Download

Castor is a wood type and letterpress hybrid based on grotesque letterforms. It’s a vintage distressed display with 3 options for each letter; Uppercase, lowercase, and alternates. Castor comes complete with 4 styles plus catchwords, unique ‘catchword dividers’ (horizontal rules), ornaments, as well as a free set of extras! (grunge, dividers and bullets).

The catchwords, ornaments, and dividers are designed to compliment the font family giving it a ton of diversity, and the designer unlimited creative options. Opentype features include alternate letters and numbers, double letter ligatures for realism,.

Subscript numbers,and superscript numbers.==========================Castor Complete includes: ==========================1.) Castor One2.) Castor One Oblique3.) Castor Two4.) Castor Two Oblique(All fonts above include: 500 Glyphs, Alternates, Ligatures,.

Subscript & Superscript Numbers)==========================5.) Castor Catchwords (114 Glyphs)6.) Castor Catchword Dividers (164 Glyphs, 8 variations for each catchword)7.) Castor Ornaments (84 Glyphs)8.) Castor Extras (56 Glyphs, Grunge, Bars & Dividers,.

Bullets)All fonts are in OTF, and TTF Format. Mac and Windows compatible.

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