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About Flatline Serif Complete Font Free Download

Flatline Serif is a modern, sans-serif font with a unique, flat design. The font is perfect for headlines, titles, and short blocks of text. The font is available in regular and bold weights. Introducing Flatline Serif, an elegant, modern serif font family built to coordinate with our bestselling Flatline Sans family. Regularly $88USD for the family.

Currently listed at $44USD (50% off).Meticulously drawn with high contrast between thick and thin strokes with the goal of making even the simplest letters look sensual, elegant, and warm. It’s perfect for headlines, editorial uses, and advertising projects.

Makes beautiful luxe logos and wedding invitations, too.Flatline includes sixteen styles (eight weights each in both roman and italic versions), each of which includes nearly 500 glyphs. OpenType features include standard and discretionary ligatures,.

A small number of character variants, three figure sets, four ampersand styles, and multilingual support (including multiple currency symbols). The OpenType features can be very easily accessed by using OpenType-savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

And Adobe InDesign. (You can also access most most of these features in Microsoft Word and other similar programs, but you’ll need to get comfortable with the advanced tab of Word’s font menu. If you need help with this, ask me!)If you need to access.

All glyphs with a character map, you will need to contact me after purchase for a special file.Files included: an installation guide and FAQsFlatlineSerif-SemiBold.otf FlatlineSerif-ExtraBold.otf FlatlineSerif-Bold.otf FlatlineSerif-Heavy.otf FlatlineSerif-Regular.otf FlatlineSerif-Medium.otf FlatlineSerif-Light.otf FlatlineSerif-ExtraLight.otf FlatlineSerif-MediumItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-HeavyItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-BoldItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-ExtraBoldItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-RegularItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-SemiBoldItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-LightItalic.otf FlatlineSerif-ExtraLightItalic.otfMail.

Support: [email protected] inspiration (and sneak peeks at my next font-in-progress) on Instagram: http://instagram.com/julieatupupcreative My website: http://upupcreative.com PLEASE ENJOY! I can’t wait to see what you make with Flatline Serif!.

Feel free to use the #upupcreative and #Flatlinefont tags to show me what you’ve been up to!.

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