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Galanthia Script | Wedding Font Free Download

November 24, 2023

About Galanthia Script | Wedding Font Free Download

If you're looking for an elegant, modern calligraphy font for branding, wedding invites, cards and other projects, look no further than Galanthia Script. With uppercase and lowercase basic characters, numbers and punctuation, as well as support for Western European, Central European and South Eastern European languages, this font is sure to meet all.

Galanthia Script | Wedding Font

Your needs. Plus, it includes Open Type Features (OTF) such as stylistic alternates for lowercase glyphs and final lowercase glyphs (longer tails), and standard and discretionary ligatures. For best results, use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,.

Galanthia Script | Wedding Font

Adobe InDesign, Pages or Word.For more information about the license of this font please visit https://creativemarket.com/licenses. If you have any other questions or inquiries about Galanthia Script or any of my other products, please feel free to contact.

Galanthia Script | Wedding Font

Me via email ([email protected]) or through messages here on CreativeMarket. Thank you for considering my shop!.

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