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About GLC Baskerville PRO OTF Font Free Download

GLC Baskerville PRO OTF is a classic serif font with a modern twist. The clean lines and sharp edges of the letters give it a sophisticated look, while the slightly condensed letterforms give it a more contemporary feel. The font is well-suited for use in headlines, titles, and body copy. This family was created inspired by the well-known Baskerville.

Roman and Italic typefaces created by John Baskerville, the English font designer. We were inspired by the original family sent by Baskerville’s wife after he was death. The Baskerville’s full collection was bought by the French editor and author Pierre-Augustin.

Caron de Beaumarchais who used it to print in swizerland, for the first time, the complete work of Voltaire (Best known as the Kehl edition by the Imprimerie de la société littéraire typographique). We have used this edition, with copies from 1785, to.

Reconstruct this genuine historical two styles. Fontfaces, kernings and spaces are scrupulously the same as in the original. This Pro font is covering Western, Eastern and Central European languages (including Celtic) and Turkish, with complete small.

Caps set, standard and s long ligatures in each of the two styles.

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