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Gogoli 2.0 Grotesk Type Font Free Download

December 7, 2023

About Gogoli 2.0 Grotesk Type Font Free Download

After Trafika Sans & the rework of Trafika Mono it was time for Gogoli to have the same fate.We present to you Gogoli 2.0 - A reworked version of our earliest & favorite Grotesk! We have added more curvature, reworked every single glyph & updated the terminals. For 2.0 we have also added some very prominent inktraps.Gogoli 2.0 now supports quite a few.

Gogoli 2.0   Grotesk Type

Accents or Western European languages as opposed to 1.0 which only had 2 accents.Features a Regular & Fat weight with the italic variants included.For help or any questions about the product feel free to reach out at [email protected] a great.

Gogoli 2.0   Grotesk Type

Time & have fun designing.With love - Your typography friends, Kulturë Type.

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