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Identity Check is a sans serif font with a strong, modern look. The thick, blocky letters have a sharp, clean appearance, making it perfect for headlines and other attention-grabbing text. The font is also easy to read at a distance, making it ideal for signs and other large displays. I needed to show my Covid Vaccination Pass the first time I brought.

My youngest son to his swimming lessons; a QR code on my phone. I thought that would be the end of it, but no, not at the swimming pool! It feels a bit like a bad comic book, so I decided to name this comic book style font Identity Check. Of course, I.

Should have called it Covid Vaccination Check, but that is just too much and it probably won’t sell. Who wants a font called Covid?? ;-)Identity Check is a comic book style font. The glyphs are wider than I am used to (it seems I AM capable of learning.

New tricks), but the effect is rather nice.Identity Check comes with extensive language support, including Cyrillic and Vietnamese. Plus two sets of alternate glyphs, that cycle as you type.

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