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Inbox is a sans-serif font with a modern, clean design. It features sharp, straight lines and a slightly condensed lettering. This font is perfect for headlines, titles, and short blocks of text. /Inbox is a decorative display face inspired by Herb Lubalin’s ITC Avant Garde from 1970. It offers a modern take on the geometric sans genre, with a variety.

Of eye-catching ligatures and stylistic alternates. The typeface is all-caps and its letterforms are monolinear. Inbox’s standard version of the ‘O’ looks like a circle; the zero, which is similar, has a dot inside its counter. The ‘A’, ‘V’, and ‘W’ are.

Built out of triangles, but several other letters are very narrow. In addition to simple horizontal couplings, Inbox’s many ligatures include designs where one letter is overlapping another, or where one letter has been placed inside a second one. Some.

Alternate glyphs are skewed to the left or to the right, while others feature letters reduced in size and shifted upwards or downwards. Inbox was designed by german designer Alisa Nowak and published by Indian Type Foundry in 2016.

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