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About Integral CF Font Free Download

Integral CF is a sans serif font with a clean, modern design. The font has a slightly condensed letterform, which gives it a sleek, stylish look. The font is perfect for headlines and titles, and can also be used for body text in small sizes. Integral CF is designed to be visually and emotionally impactful, with its stunning, superbold letterforms.

An all-caps titling font family, Integral’s six weights are perfect for posters, social media, headlines, video, and print. Hidden behind the linear, confident construction is a hint of roguish charm.Integral CF pairs nicely with lighter typefaces that.

Provide contrast, such as a sans serif like Greycliff CF, Criteria CF, or Work Sans. Text-friendly serifs like Artifex CF are also pair well with Integral.All typefaces from Connary Fagen include free updates, including new features, and free technical.


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