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Isabella Grand Typeface Font Free Download

December 17, 2023

About Isabella Grand Typeface Font Free Download

Style and Grace personified - say hello to Isabella Grand. This typeface has two main styles, Regular and Italic, that are designed to work elegantly in unison and apart.The serif has a boldy different ' f', which sets it apart from regular serifs.....as Isabella Grand likes to stand out from the rest. A regular 'f' is included in its alternates, and.

Isabella Grand Typeface

A extra font style with a regular f is included for projects that require a more staid elegance.The Italic style is dreamy, sultry and light-footed - a perfect partner for the more serious serif.Less Fancy Uppercase : These are available via your OpenType.

Isabella Grand Typeface

Alternates as options. You need Opentype capable software to access these.Double letter ligatures : Such as the fancy ti in the italic version, use your Opentype Ligatures to access these.You need Opentype capable software to access these.Use them together.

Isabella Grand Typeface

Or apart for stylish, stand-out type designs and projects.Language Supported :Danish, English, French, German, German (Switzerland), Italian, Low German, Luxembourgish, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss German.Enjoy!.

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