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About ITC Garamond Font Free Download

ITC Garamond is a classic serif font with a strong presence. Its elegant letterforms are perfect for setting text at large sizes, and its high readability makes it ideal for body copy. ITC Garamond’s strong character makes it a great choice for headlines and other display use. ITC Garamond is a typeface that was first released in 1975 by Tony Stan.

The initial release only included the Book and Ultra weights, which were intended to be used as display faces to complement existing text designs from other foundries. However, the popularity of these first weights led ITC to release the Light and Bold.

Weights, as well as a suite of condensed faces, in 1977. The ITC Garamond family now includes 16 members: four weights of roman and italic in normal width, and four weights of roman and italic in companion condensed versions. The family resemblance is.

There, but ITC Garamond’s unique provenance gives it an unmistakable, one-of-a-kind appeal.

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