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Melkslijter is a hand-drawn font with a playful, childlike quality. The letters are irregular and imperfect, with a bouncy baseline. The font is best used for headlines and short texts, where its quirky personality can shine through. This font was inspired by a 1935 brochure by the talented graphic designer and artist Dirk Hart. It is a unicase typeface.

With different hand-drawn lettershapes on upper and lower case slots. It also has a nice set of ornaments and complete sets of initial and terminal swash forms. When working with OpenType savvy applications, these can be conveniently applied at the click.

Of a button, thanks to the smart swashes programming. This will change the first and last letters in words with its corresponding initial or terminal forms. There are also some stylistic alternates for a (yet) more decorated look. The black version is.

Also very decorative and contains the same features as the regular cut: smart swashes, different letterforms on upper and lowercase slots, ornaments and stylistic alternates.

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