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Nexa Slab is a strong, modern typeface with clean lines and a geometric structure. The thick slab serifs give it a solid, powerful look, while the wide range of weights and styles make it versatile and adaptable. Nexa Slab is perfect for headlines, branding, and any other project that needs a touch of strength and sophistication. Nexa Slab is a geometric.

Slab serif font that is based on the already popular best-seller Nexa. The font family contains 3 basic forms: italics, obliques and uprights, each of which has 8 different weights. This visual richness makes it the ideal slab serif font family for the.

Web as well as for print, for motion graphics, logos, t-shirts and so on. It is also great for headings, fitting nicely with both small and large typesetting text blocks. Nexa Slab draws from the rich traditions of the classic Neo-Grotesque slab serif.

Fonts such as Lubalin Graph, Rockwell and Memphis, which conceal the richness of typesetting text in its crucial advertising function. Just like these fonts, it’s design is subject to rational, carefully thought-out, thick and thin bars with a low contrast.

Between them. The letters are characterized by the strict geometry and square proportions of the original, extra-fortified by suitably balanced slab serifs.Nexa Slab is serious without being rigid and inflexible, finished and lacking in nothing, systematic.

Without being monotonous, and though it may seem at first glance to be more suitable for short, direct messages; in the hands of a master designer… it can build and create exquisite and harmonic designs.

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