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About OZZOMBIE Typeface Bonus Font Free Download

OZZOMBIE Typeface is a spooky, hand-drawn font with a horror movie vibe. It’s perfect for Halloween and other creepy projects! The letters are irregular and have a lot of character, making this font stand out from the rest. ))Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate our fears. We can make them real and celebrate them, instead of being afraid of them.

This is a great way to fight paranoia! When we think about it logically, we won’t be so afraid of the things we create ourselves, will we? The scarier it gets, the more fun it will be.Now that we’ve realized this, we definitely want to be part of the.

Halloween making process! We can contribute by launching our OZZOMBIE typeface (the first time ever in Creative Market!), which consists of 2 mini fonts: The outline version & The fill block version.And to complete the horror, we bring you a bonus of.

The devilishly-cute toppings you can apply to any of your creepy creations for the “it” day! We hope you’ve got the perfect idea already of how to collect the most and loudest screams.Ah, and please do us a little favor. For boo-ever it is, please send.

Us all of your kind-dark wishes. Especially because I also have my birthday on Halloween, the best worst day to begin life! ;)Don’t forget to check my latest items:PAUD Typeface (http://crtv.mk/r0HVB)Happy Trippy Typeface (http://crtv.mk/e09XN)High Pride.

(http://crtv.mk/t0IeV)Thanks for stopping by. :)).

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