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Plinc Beaux Arts Didot is a classic, elegant serif font with a touch of French flair. It features high contrast between its thin, delicate strokes and thick, robust body, making it perfect for headlines, titles, and other display use. Its unique character shapes give it a refined, yet playful look that is sure to stand out. Firmin Didot is credited.

With establishing the Modern genre of serif typefaces, of which Beaux Arts Didots stands as an exemplary model. Like the French neoclassical architecture of its namesake, Beaux Arts has all the hallmarks of the early nineteenth-century style: a clear.

And confident construction consisting of simple yet strong lines. Use it for elegant and formal settings, or when a direct typographic tone is desired. Mix it with styles of similar sensibilities such as Plinc Hanover and Davison Spencerian. Digitized.

From the original Photo-Lettering film matrix in 2014 by Jean-Baptiste Levée.BEAUX ARTS DIDOT CREDITS: Typeface Design: Photo-Lettering Staff Typeface Digitization: Jean-Baptiste Levée Typeface Production: Ben Kiel Typeface Direction: Ken BarberLike all.

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