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About Plinc Swiss Interlock Font Free Download

Plinc Swiss Interlock is a sans serif typeface with a strong, modern look. The thick, blocky letters have a high contrast between the thick and thin strokes, giving them a sharp, industrial appearance. The wide letterforms are spaced out evenly, giving the typeface a clean and spacious feel. Plinc Swiss Interlock is perfect for headlines and other display.

Use. Swiss Interlock is a unique font that combines the best of two different worlds – the clean, sans-serif look of the International Style of the late 1950s with the interlocking lettering of the counterculture aesthetics of the 1960s. The result is.

A tightly woven face with unexpected letter pairs that give it a warm, yet industrial appearance. Swiss Interlock’s unusual origins make it comfortable on everything from album cover artwork and snack food packaging, to home improvement applications and.

Automotive-themed advertising. Like all good subversives, House Industries hides in plain sight while amplifying the look, feel and style of the world’s most interesting brands, products and people. Based in Delaware, House Industries is visually influencing.

The world one font at a time.

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