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Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font Free Download

December 1, 2023

About Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font Free Download

The sweet story of Design by Laney begins with Sapphire Script, a hand-lettered modern calligraphy font based on the signature script of Design by Laney. Crafted with weddings in mind, this font contains over 500 characters, perfect for branding, stationery, packaging, social media templates, magazine layouts, artist prints, and more! With 3 or more.

Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font

Characters for each uppercase letter and 35 stunning standard ligatures, you can create that perfectly imperfect calligraphy style. This font comes with over 500 coded features for a realistic, handwritten look: 35 standard ligatures, full Western European.

Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font

Language support, over 100 stylistic alternates, ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), two alternate number sets including 1-10 Roman Numerals, and a few word glyphs (for, to, from). Plus OTF is included for the full Sapphire Script font! For extra help accessing.

Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font

All 500 characters plus design tutorials and helpful advice to get the most out of the font, be sure to visit their YouTube channel. Sapphire Script was named for the street where Design by Laney began - the same place where the designer met her future.

Sapphire Script Calligraphy Font

Husband! And if you're looking for more inspiration be sure to check out their Instagram @designbylaney.

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