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About The Brixton Collection 2816 Font Free Download

The Brixton Collection 2816 is a set of fonts inspired by the classic sans serifs of the early 20th century. The fonts are clean and simple, with a touch of vintage charm. The collection includes 6 different fonts, each with its own unique personality. The fonts are perfect for any project that needs a touch of classic style. Introducing the Brixton.

Collection – a system of 16 lovingly handcrafted fonts. This stunning collection of fonts has been something that I have been tinkering with since I started font design. The original Brixton font was one of my first ever designs and since its launch,.

I have added and edited the family to what it is here before you. I still don’t think I am entirely done, I still want to add more! (and if I do, your purchase will give you free access to the updates)This font family has been included within The Ultimate.

Handcrafted Fonts Collection! 110 Fonts and a whole bunch of design extras for just $39 –’s inside?The Original Brixton Family (6 fonts) – – a handcrafted font family with a unique and timeless personality.

That is available in 3 weights; light, regular and bold (and outline for all three!). Also included are 12 vector decorative frames that complement the elegance of Brixton, alongside 100+ handcrafted swirls and curls.The Brixton Sans Family (6 fonts).

– – The sans companion for the original Brixton family (above) that also includes 3 weights; light, regular and bold and an outline version of each. Included with this download are 16 decorative shields and badges.The Brixton.

Hand Family (2 fonts + 2 symbol fonts) – – Brixton Hand and its sans-serif companion were consciously designed to function beautifully together within a variety of different design projects. From logo to apparel and from posters.

To the web. By correctly utilizing the available stylistic alternatives, the included extras, and catchwords, the pair truly shines!The Brixton Line Family (2 fonts) – – Brixton Line is a simple and effective handcrafted serif.

Font but within a few clicks, you can transform Brixton Line into something unique and creative. With over 80 stylistic alternatives to choose from this font is great fun to work with!100’s of Design Extras – Included with Brixton and Brixton Sans (read.

Above for details)Multilingual – Each font in the Brixton collection is Multilingual and covers all Latin 1 languagesStylistic Alternatives – Brixton, Brixton Line, and Brixton Hand all include Stylistic AlternativesFree Future Updates! – I still plan.

On adding to the collection. With your purchase today, you are also purchasing any future addition to the collection.Any questions, send me a message. I’m always keen to help.If you like my work, you’ll love my newsletter. Subscribe today for a whole.

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