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Ariadne is a handwritten font family full of open type features such as ligatures, swashes, ornaments, catchwords etc.There are three fonts in the family: Ariadne Script, Ariadne Sans, Ariadne Sans Condensed. Multilingual support.The Ariadne family is best used in an open type aware software.Please note, if you intend to use the font in a merchandise.

For re-sale and the font contributes to the core value of the product being sold (no other graphic elements included in the design), you’ll need to purchase the Extended License.You can download pdfs to see all the glyphs available here:script

Http:// condensed for, to, at, in, on, this, the, with, para, por, de, nuevo, y. If you need something else as a catchword – please send a request.To use catchwords: type space, a catchword and then space.

Again. Select all, enable discretional ligatures in the open type panel.If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask! You can also find useful FAQs section on my website 26, 2015 – the font is fully unicode.

Mapped. To use it in Silhouette Studio (or any other application that doesn’t support open type features) you’ll need a help of an additional software such as PopChar, Ultra Character Map or similar.December 02, 2016 – fixed an issue some users were having.

With script font numbers not being displayed correctly.

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