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Baro — 75% Off Font Free Download

November 12, 2023

About Baro — 75% Off Font Free Download

The Baro family is a set of seven sans serif fonts, all-caps, with a geometric style. Baro Plain has thick, monolinear strokes for a heavy and substantial feel. The other fonts in the family – Baro LineOne, Baro LineTwo, Baro LineThree, Baro LineFour, Baro Contour and Baro Strip – bring further variety to the overall design.Baro LineOne has thin strokes.

Baro — 75% Off

That bounce up and down as they move across the line of text. For Baro LineTwo and Baro LineThree, each character is drawn with a two-stroke effect – an outline and an inline, leaving a thick hollow counter space between them. Baro LineFour has thin inline.

Baro — 75% Off

Strokes in the center of its ‘backgrounds’ thick monolinear strokes. With its even thinner parallel strokes, Baro Contour completes the set.Baro was created by Paris-based designer Julie Soudanne. To learn more about this unique font family, visit https://www.indiantypefoundry.com/fonts/baro.

Baro — 75% Off

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