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Benguiat Caslon is a modern serif typeface with strong character shapes and a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. The typeface is named after its designer, Ed Benguiat, and is based on the Caslon typeface from the 18th century. Designed to be set in big, large and huge sizes in classic TNT (tight-not-touching) style, Benguiat Caslon is dynamite.

For a wide range of display demands. We also included outline and drop-shadow versions as well as numerous swash caps, ligatures, contextual alternates and automatically-shifting punctuation.Ed Benguiat originally designed this alphabet for the Photo-Lettering.

Library during his tenure as the legendary type house’s art director. When we purchased Photo-Lettering in 2003, one of the first things we did was start picking some of our favorite films to digitize as fonts. Photo-Lettering partner Christian Schwartz.

Chose this expressive serif specimen for its high contrast strokes that stand up to the most vigorous display typography demands without withering against pesky design limitations like screen resolution, ink spread and dot gain.FEATURES: Alternate characters,.

Ligatures and contextual substitutions add an unexpected flair to words and phrases. We also provided a drop shadow to add depth and dimension. Shifting punctuation marks take care of those optical tricks so you don’t have to. A delicately expressive.

Outline version adds color even in black and white.BENGUIAT CASLON CREDITS: Typeface Design: Ed Benguiat Typeface Digitization: Christian Schwartz, Bas Smidt Typeface Production: Ben Kiel, Jason CampbellLike all good subversives, House Industries hides.

In plain sight while amplifying the look, feel and style of the world’s most interesting brands, products and people. Based in Delaware, visually influencing the world.

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