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Caniste Font Family Free Download

November 27, 2023

About Caniste Font Family Free Download

Reviving vintage typeface with fervor and a love of something old and beautiful, Caniste Font Family was created. Taking its roots from antique aphemera, labels, and cigar box labels of the 19th century, the font family shines with the typographic beauty of that era. Caniste Font Family is an all-caps serif font with titling in uppercase, and 6 weights:.

Caniste Font Family

Extralight, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, and Ultrabold. It also offers ample personalization with Extras such as scroll, ornament, and panel, allowing users to decorate the design merely by typing on their keyboards. With Caniste Font Family in .OTF.

Caniste Font Family

(6 weights: Extralight, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold, Ultrabold), Caniste Extras.OTF (for creating beautiful ornaments with just 3 fingers), and Caniste Cheatsheet.PDF (explaining how to create the magic), you'll be able to design beautiful labels with.

Caniste Font Family

Ease. Don't miss out on Caniste Font Family! Unleash your creativity today!.

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