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According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, «canturía» is the exercise of singing, and a way of singing musical compositions.Canturiana Type (derived from Canturía) has a romantic and musical air, as well as a clear sensuality thanks to its sinuous construction. The curves seduce us, conquer us, hypnotize us and the letters acquire a resounding.

Lightness, and a very earthly presence that is complemented by a certain aerial, spiritual expressiveness.Canturiana Type is inspired by Canterbury, a font designed in the 1920s by the legendary American type designer and engineer Morris Fuller Benton.

And published by the American Type Founders (ATF). Canturiana Type collects all this heritage and transforms it into a digital typeface perfectly functional and adapted to the visual communication of the 21st century. Its elegant art deco essence provides.

It with a unique and heterodox imprint that works in very different media, giving them distinction and depth.The creative process of Canturiana Type has gone through various mutations to a point where each episode of its creation has left its mark, a.

Multiple imprint that makes it unique, singular in its essence and plural in its possibilities. For this reason, Canturiana Type expresses itself with several voices without any variation in its essence. A conceptual ambiguity that makes it truly versatile.

Canturiana Type is a typographic choir, a complex entity that has infinite nuances and tones. Classicand cool. Disruptive and romantic. Literary and musical.Canturiana Type is composed of 5 weights, and has a large number of swashes, alternate characters,.

Ligatures and various visual elements to make compositions as titles or for use in short texts. Canturiana Type has more than a thousand glyphs and offers a wide range of languages that use the Latin alphabet.

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