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Carnival is a fun and festive font that is perfect for party invitations, flyers, and other celebratory designs. It has a playful, yet elegant feel, with swirls and flourishes that add a touch of whimsy. The uppercase letters are tall and thin, while the lowercase letters are shorter and rounder, giving the font a nice balance. Carnival is a great choice.

For any design that needs a touch of excitement and festivity. Carnival is a font that is designed to attract attention. It is deliberately engineered to be conspicuous, with an unmistakable silhouette that stands out in print, on screen, or in any environment.

The typeface’s steady yet vibrant rhythm makes it ideal for fashioning alphabet patterns and graphic devices. Carnival’s reverse-contrast approach stretches all the way back to the roots of modern advertising, when similar types became the favorite for.

Posters, packaging, and loads of consumer products during the 1800s. The striking style prevailed well into the next century, as Harold Horman, co-founder of New York City-based Photo-Lettering. Inc., modernized a version for the company’s popular film-typesetting.

Service in the early 1940s. Digitized and expanded by Dan Reynolds in 2013, Carnival had previously been used exclusively for House Industries projects.

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