Cartograph CF: warm monospace font Free Download

About Cartograph CF: warm monospace font Free Download

Cartograph CF is a warm monospace font with a friendly, approachable design. The rounded corners and soft edges give it a welcoming feel, while the slightly condensed letterforms add a touch of sophistication. The overall effect is a font that is both stylish and easy to read, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. A monospaced typeface.

With character and warmth, Cartograph© CF is a handsome font family featuring a lush, cursive italic, code-friendly ligatures, and a proportional set accessible via OpenType. A tribute to the utilitarian beauty of terminals and typewriters, Cartograph.

Excels in both code and prose.Version 2 includes redrawn glyphs for better legibility, expressive new italics, an expanded set of glyphs, custom code-friendly ligatures, Greek and Katakana support, and much more. Cartograph Sans has been rolled into the.

Main font file, and is now accessible via OpenType Stylistic Set 05.Eight weights and true italics Mono and proportional sets Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Katakana script support Nearly 850 glyphs, including coding symbols Free updates and feature additionsIf.

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