Cocktail Watercolor Clipart Set Graphic Free Download

About Cocktail Watercolor Clipart Set Graphic Free Download

This is a fun and festive set of cocktail watercolor clipart images. The set includes 12 different images of cocktails, including martinis, daiquiris, and Margaritas. The clipart is brightly colored and would be perfect for invitations, party decorations, or any project that needs a touch of whimsy. This fabulous watercolor cocktail set features over.

150 cocktails and garnishes, including popular drinks in a variety of glass shapes and sizes! You’ll find champagne and wine cocktails, beer, fruity beverages, tropical drinks and more. Many varieties of the same glass shape and colored liquid are included.

All items are hand painted and scanned at an optimal 600 DPI, saved as transparent PNG files and properly labeled for ease of use!Use these clipart drinks for any personal project such as your custom wedding cocktail signs, invitations or cards, stickers,.

Scrapbooking and more! Some cocktail styles included: Moscow mule in copper mug Paloma with and without lime garnish Aperol Spritz in stemless and regular wine glass Margarita varieties like: strawberry, jalapeño and classic! Low Ball and High Ball glasses.

White and red wine based sangria Also includes garnishes like: Loose and skewered lime wedge ‘Muddled’ herb flecks Blueberries, raspberry and blackberries Cucumber slices Bubbles!PNG files can be opened by a variety of programs. Please refer to your.

Specific program of choice’s help section for more info about how to use these types of files. To make your drinks look most authentic, layers and layer masks are recommended to be used to add garnishes.Due to the nature of this item, all sales are final.

Attention commercial designers – Creative Market license states the following: Any use of a Licensed Asset for Commercial use must: (i) be significantly different than the original Licensed Asset, (ii) require time, effort, and skill to produce and (iii).

Not derive its primary value from the Licensed Asset itself. The license also states the following is not allowed: 5.1 – End Products ✗ On-Demand Applications (Such as Print-on-Demand and Create-on-Demand Services). Any use that allows anyone other.

Than the Licensee, such as an end user, to customize a digital or physical end product is prohibited, whether for Commercial use or Non-commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, “print on demand”, “made to order”, or “download on demand” application.

Furthermore, custom drinks signs shown above cannot be sold commercially unless you incorporate my art into a transformative work. Dragging and dropping the drinks into a digital print with minimal text is insufficient. Please respect my art and work.

By not selling it as your own. Thank you.Thank you for checking out Maria B. Paints Shop!.

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