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About Fab Figures Typeface Set Font Free Download

This typeface set is perfect for creating fun and festive designs. The fonts are playful and curvy, with a touch of whimsy. They would be great for party invitations, greeting cards, or any project that needs a bit of extra personality. /165521-Fab-Figures-Big-AFab Figures is a numbers-only font with curly terminals. The entire font family consists.

Of 10 styles, including 2 styles for big usage, 2 styles for normal usage, 2 styles for small usage, and 4 patterned styles (fitting to the Big styles). You can find more information in our PDF-FILE: http://letterwerk.ch/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Fab-Figures-Typeface.pdf.

The character set includes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 | % # • ~ { $ £ € } . , : ; + – = ÷ / ° * ‘ ’ (Arrows) (No-Symbol) (Nr-Symbol). The TrueType files included are: Fab-Figures Big A.ttf Fab-Figures Big B.ttf Fab-Figures Big C.ttf Fab-Figures Big D.ttf.

Fab-Figures Big E.ttf Fab-Figures Big F.ttf Fab-Figures Normal A.ttf Fab-Figures Normal D.ttf Fab-Figures Small A.ttf Fab-Figures Small D.ttf If you’re just looking for a single style, check out https://creativemarket.com/Letterwerk/165521-Fab-Figures-Big-A.

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