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FHA Condensed French is a modern, sans-serif font with a strong vertical axis. The condensed letterforms give it a compact, efficient feel, while the slightly rounded corners add a touch of friendliness. The overall effect is clean and stylish, making it ideal for use in branding and advertising. One could speculate that the FHA Condensed French font.

Probably started out as wood type for displays, headlines, and posters. The exaggerated sharp serifs and condensed forms were not uncommon for that period. At some point, sign painters picked up the Condensed French font and added their own character.

To it. At the end of the nineteenth century, Frank H. Atkinson included Condensed French in his samples of lettering for his book, ”Sign Painting: A Complete Manual.” This book became one of the definitive guides for signwriting and hand lettering. In.

1999, Mike Adkins digitized Condensed French to add to our Atkinson collection. For its re-release, Condensed French has been updated with more language support, ligatures, and OpenType alternates. It has true vintage character but still plays well in.

More modern designs.A font for all seasons, the condensed forms and sharp serifs fit in every layout from Wild West days posters and creepy film credits to Christmas ads and Mother’s Day cards. While I can’t really see FHA Condensed French as the font.

For phone apps or video game text, it will provide impact to logos, branding, and product labeling.

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