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FontGarlic Butter is a fun and tasty font that is perfect for any project that needs a bit of flavor. This font is perfect for cooking shows, food blogs, or any project that could use a bit of extra spice. Garlic Butter is a bold and flavorful font that is sure to add some zest to any project. It’s smooth, it’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s mighty tasty:.

It’s Garlic Butter! A mixed-case font with lots of combination possibilities. Garlic Butter is a pair of fonts perfect for all of your fun designs. The main font file comes with the usual characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and tons of punctuation), as well as.

Over 300 accented characters to support most Latin-based languages. Plus, it comes with over 150 ligatures and alternate letters! You also get the Garlic Butter Doodads file, full of swirls, swashes, icons, arrow heads and tails, catchwords, and other.

Decorative items. They were all created with the same brush, and are all sized the same as the Garlic Butter letters, so you can be assured they’ll work great together!Garlic Butter features:Both OTF and TTF file formats 15 uppercase double-letter ligatures 15.

Lowercase double-letter ligatures 14 short catchwords (located in the Unicode PUA) Over 120 extra 2-, 3-, and 4-letter ligatures Over 300 extended Latin characters for language support Fully PUA-encoded for full access to all charactersGarlic Butter Doodads.

Features:Both OTF and TTF file formats 14 short catchwords (same ones that are in the regular file) 52 decorative items (flourishes, icons, arrows, etc.) Handy PDF guide to which items are mapped to which keyboard keysNote: the multi-letter ligatures.

Are coded into the font. If your software naturally uses ligatures (Photoshop CC, Illustrator, InDesign, Inkscape, and many more), they’ll automatically show up as you type. Some programs (such as Microsoft Word) require you to turn on ligatures (in Word:.

Font Advanced OpenType Features). Since this font is PUA-encoded, you can also open it up in Font Book (Mac) or Character Map (PC) and copy/paste the ligatures and alternates into most other software. If the ligature feature is important to you, please.

Ensure your software of choice works with them before purchasing.

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