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Introducing Humoresque – the sassy sign painter font family! You may already be familiar with it if you’ve checked out Artisan’s Tool Chest – We’ve taken the Revival lettering set, refined it, amped it up, and programmed it as a font for all your Victorian-inspired projects. Humoresque is a perfect mix of modern hand-lettering.

And 1900s decorative type, making it a great choice for bold headlines and witty subtitles. IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Humoresque works best – and is easier to layer – in OpenType savvy programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. The full User.

Guide can be seen here: What do I mean by Mini Font? Humoresque has a more limited character set than most other fonts (check out Display 2!), but still offers a nice selection of extended Latin characters and extra currency.

Symbols. (Check out Display 2 to see all the characters!) With 12 weights and extended Latin support, it’s more like a Mega-mini font! And layering? Yes, layering! Humoresque has 12 weights that you can layer together in endless combinations. (See Display.

4 and 6 for examples!) All weights (except 00 Plain) include an additional stylistic alternate character set for layering. To use this feature, open your Character Panel (in Photoshop) or OpenType Panel (in Illustrator), select the Stylistic Alternate.

Option, and you’ll get the effect minus the main layer shape – plus you can choose any color you want! Want to learn more? Check out the User Guide PDF for detailed instructions on layering Humoresque (works best in Photoshop / Illustrator). Webfonts.

Are also included, plus extra credit for some of the illustrations used in the displays: Violin illustration in display 3 is from // Music in display 5 is Rage over a Lost Penny by Ludwig Van Beethoven: // Scissors illustration.

In display 7: Any questions? Shoot me a private message!.

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