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About Lemonado Font Free Download

Lemonado is a fun and friendly script font with a touch of whimsy. It features bouncy curves and playful letterforms, and is perfect for adding a personal touch to any project. Lemonado is a type family drawn with a dry brush pen. It includes upright and italic scripts and all caps fonts with brush texture or with smooth edges. Lemonado Script is playful.

And slightly bouncing connecting script. It includes two sets of lower cases to increase the hand writing effect. By enabling Contextual Alternates from OpenType panel you can cycle these two sets and achieve variation. Lemonado Script also includes set.

Of lowercases without connecting stroke, you can use those in the middle of words or automatically add them at the end of words by enabling Stylistic Set 1 at the OpenType panel. There are also set of lower cases with end swashes, you can automatically.

Add these swashes to end of words by enabling Stylistic Set 2 at the OpenType panel. Also other alternate characters and underlines are included to give you even more possibilities to play with. Lemonado Caps has two sets of upper case letters, high.

And low ones. You can achieve this fun looking bouncing effect by varying them. Just enable Contextual Alternates from OpenType panel and those two sets will cycle.

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