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Memoir is a sans serif typeface with a strong personality. It is perfect for headlines and short texts. Memoir has a modern look with clean lines and a geometric feel. The typeface is available in two weights, regular and bold. Inspired by 18th century handwritten letters, journals and documents, Memoir is a romantic, yet robust design. Its textured.

Profile speaks of surface and age, but this face will look very much at home in contemporary design. Useful for menus, cards, packaging, and logos, its versatility will prove its worth. Unlike signature fonts from that era, Memoir is designed to set in.

A manner that connects fluidly as if it were actually written.Please Note: Memoir is designed for use in graphic applications with full OpenType support. Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark all have this. Photoshop and MS Word offer some support, but.

Neither have a glyph palette which gives access to the full array of lettering possibilities. If you have both Illustrator and Photoshop it’s easy to set type in Illustrator and copy it over to Photoshop.

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