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Modern Art Prints Posters is a sans serif font with a clean and modern design. It is perfect for any project that needs a touch of sophistication and style. The Print Project is a versatile graphic collection that includes 100 pre-made poster designs and 130 individual graphics. With this collection, you can create any modern project in no time! Perfect.

For posters, prints, stationery, logos, branding, invitations, cards, blogs, mood boards, Instagram posts and more.This collection is available under an Extended Commercial License, which allows you to sell the posters and create end products. However,.

Note that you cannot simply use the posters as-is with a basic commercial license; you must combine the graphics with other graphics from other sets and make them significantly changed and mixed. This requires time and effort, as Creative Market states.

In its license terms.What’s included in The Print Project:100 Wall Art Prints (18×24 inches, 5400×7200 px Jpeg, .psd) 130 individual graphics (transparent PNG)To learn more about The Print Project, or to purchase it, please visit:

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