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Montage is a strong, modern font with a touch of luxury. It’s perfect for headlines, branding, and any other project that needs a strong, stylish font. The clean lines and sharp edges give Montage a modern look, while the slightly rounded corners add a touch of sophistication. Montage has played a weighty role in some of the most influential and enduring.

Typography of the past few decades, from book jackets and album covers, to posters and logos…you name it. Exhibiting an uncommon ability to wield immense power while demonstrating extraordinary finesse, Montage’s commanding profile packs a hefty punch.

Which is softened only by its lithe yet durable serifs.Originally designed for Photo-Lettering in the mid-1960s by type legend, Ed Benguiat, the fonts were given a jump start by Jess Collins before ultimately being shaped into five compatible widths by.

Longtime House co-conspirator, Mitja Miklavčič. Under the guidance of Ben Kiel, along with some additional chin-stroking by Ken Barber, Montage has been fully developed into a robust family ready to tackle any challenge you can throw at it.FEATURESLIGATURES:.

In order to ensure that Montage maintains its bold presence in tricky text settings, we’ve added a handy set of pre-drawn letter combinations. When enabled, the Ligature feature identifies problem pairs like—fl, fi, ff, ffl, and of course, fyi—and substitutes.

Them with glyphs optimized to enhance font performance.ALTERNATES: For fickle typographers, we’ve also added a handful of alternate characters to allow Montage to suit any number of moods.Like all good subversives, House Industries hides in plain sight.

While amplifying the look, feel and style of the world’s most interesting brands, products and people. Based in Delaware, visually influencing the world.

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