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Rallington Font Collection Free Download

November 12, 2023

About Rallington Font Collection Free Download

The Rallington Font Collection is an ode to vintage lettering works, such as beer label design, vintage print advertisement, matchbox design, and more. This collection consists of four fonts, allowing you to create stunning label designs, signage, logotypes, t-shirts and much more with the alternate and ligature options. You'll also find number, punctuation.

Rallington   Font Collection

And symbol support including language support for ÁÂÄÀÅÃÆÇÐÉÊËÈÍÎÏÌÑÓÔÖÒØÕŒÚÛÜÙẀŴẄẂÝŶŸỲŹŻŽáâäàåãæçđéêëèíîïìñóôöòøõœúûüùẃŵẅẁýŷÿỳźżž.Included in your purchase is: Rallington Sans 01.OTF, Rallington Sans 02.OTF, Rallington Script.OTF and Rallington Serif.OTF.

Rallington   Font Collection

Along with a license agreement. To get started, simply extract the zip file and double click on the OTF file to install it onto your computer. For best results, we recommend using advanced graphic software that supports Open Type Features such as Adobe.

Rallington   Font Collection

Illustrator or Photoshop CC. While you can use basic text software such as Microsoft Word, please note that full usability of the font may not be available. Feel free to convert the fonts to web fonts for your personal use or business website. Thank you.

Rallington   Font Collection

For choosing Iqbal Habibi's Rallington Font Collection!.

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