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Stonehenge is a sans-serif typeface with a strong, geometric structure. Its thick, blocky letters are evenly spaced and have sharp, straight edges. The overall effect is clean and modern, with a touch of industrialism. The ancient art of rune casting will be on full display tonight as the Druids gather around the standing stones of England. At midnight,.

The Lamb will lie with the Devil as the Wicker Man burns! There are Daemons to be sated and only when Virgin Blood runs from the altar will the Soothsayers utter the Wisdom of the Ancients. This is all to ensure that the Sun and Moon will remain safe.

In the Heavens. But if you’re looking for an easier way to get the same effect, just install our new Stonehenge font. Your leylines will never be straighter and you’ll be saying sooths till the small hours of the morning.

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