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Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack Font Free Download

December 17, 2023

About Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack Font Free Download

Grab yourself an umbrella drink, and transport yourself back to a time when life seemed a little more carefree.Say hello to Tequila Sunrise!A Typeface consisting of a Retro-Modern Script and a Inky Sans to match. The Script has some beautiful alternates and ligatures built into its Opentype Features, to really make her stand out from the rest.The Script.

Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack

Comes in a clean version, an inky version, and a more inky version - take your pick :) Each variation has a slanted version included too.The Inky imperfect sans, also has a ' dropshadow' style variation to add even more interest to your design.Fonts in.

Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack

This Typeface Pack : NL_TequilaSunrise.otf ( The Clean Script) NL_TequilaSunrise_slant.otf ( A slanted version of the above) NL_TequilaSunrise_Inky1.otf ( An inky version of the Script)NL_TequilaSunrise_Inky1_slant.otf ( A slanted version of the above).

Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack

NL_TequilaSunrise_Inky2.otf ( An even inkier version of the Script) NL_TequilaSunrise_Inky2_slant.otf ( A slanted version of the above) NL_TequilaSunrise_Sans.otf ( The inky imperfect Sans) NL_TequilaSunrise_Sans_Drop.otf ( The Sans with a outline-dropshadow).

Tequila Sunrise Typeface Pack

Please noteIn order to access the extra Alternate Letters and Ligatures, you will need Opentype-capable software, such as Photoshop,Illustrator, Indesign, MS Word etc.

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