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Experience the ultimate in lettering with the feature-rich Turbinado™ font set! With nine typefaces, and an elements package full of swashes, botanicals, shells, arrows and more, this set is sure to bring your designs to life. With an open-type standard ligature feature, you can ensure smooth transitions between character combinations and even differentiate.

Like characters that are separated by another letter. Plus, you can choose from 10+ lowercase t crossbar alternates and enable stylistic set SS01 for even bigger, more whimsical crossbars. And for those creative typographers, all of the lowercase t ascenders.

And crossbars are available separately in the glyph table when t is selected.Find out more about the amazing things this hand lettered set can do with Turbinado Set $48 https://crmrkt.com/7OrrmlTurbinado $28 https://crmrkt.com/D3NM5GTurbinado Dry $28.

Https://crmrkt.com/oGQjjNTurbinado Bold $28 https://crmrkt.com/a8gaMKTurbinado Bold Dry $28 https://crmrkt.com/bDa8DmTurbinado Light $28 https://crmrkt.com/x0zja9Turbinado Light Dry $28 https://crmrkt.com/wMv4jzTurbinado Condensed One $28 https://crmrkt.com/5j8MB7Turbinado.

Condensed Two $28 https://crmrkt.com/WByNa0Turbinado Hand $28 https://crmrkt.com/djdANBTurbinado Elements $28 https://crmrkt.com/Q2mGGo or get all ten for just $48! Purchase and use of this product is subject to terms of the Aerotype Software License.

Agreement http://www.aerotype.com/license.htm.

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