VS Grandma’s Recipe Handwritten Font Free Download

About VS Grandma’s Recipe Handwritten Font Free Download

Vicarel Studios introduces Grandma’s Recipe OTF, a realistic handwritten script font that captures the beauty and charm of the actual handwriting of designer Carly Salzman’s grandmother, Dorthy. This remarkable font comes in formats .OTF, WOFF and WOFF2 with a whopping 155 glyphs, alts and ligatures! Grandma’s Recipe is the perfect choice for achieving.

A truly authentic handwriting font style. Featuring subtle variations of letters, numbers and punctuation, it allows you to replicate the inconsistencies of true handwriting like inconsistent angles, imperfect line weight, inconsistent spacing and sporadic.

Connecting and/or unconnected entrance and exit strokes – resulting in an aesthetically pleasing text.This font is incredibly versatile and can be used for logos, packaging design, blogs, websites, apparel, magazines and much more. Grandma’s Recipe looks.

Great alongside serif or sans typefaces with low cap-heights like Basic Sans or Mrs. Eaves.

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