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About Athena Stylish Modern Serif Font Free Download

Athena is a stylish modern serif font with a classic feel. It has a strong character with sharp serifs, and its tall x-height makes it highly legible. Athena is perfect for headlines, branding, and print design. Athena is a new stylish serif typeface with a modern touch, combining regular and thin stroke widths together with elegant flourishes for a.

Beautiful result. This font is perfect for headlines and display text, it also has good readability at smaller sizes.This all caps font features optional swirls and flourishes which are added by using either the traditional uppercase or lowercase versions.

Of the letter. Flourishes can be added at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of any word.Athena includes: All uppercase letters 20 uppercase variations with flourishes All numbers 0-9 Most common symbols and punctuation 60 European character.

And accents 11 Decorative swashes/flourishes How to use Swashes/Flourishes: The decorative swashes are assigned to the following symbols: ¤ • ° − ± ‰ $ ¶ ‚ ⁄ ‛ The easiest way to use the swashes in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign is to show the Glyphs.

Window from the Window menu, which will allow you to see all of the glyphs inside the font and choose which ones you want to use by double clicking on them. HELP & SUPPORT: All of our items include complete product support. Please send us a message on.

Creative market if you have any issues, contact us through our website:, or view our FAQ here: for answers to common questions. Thank you! ~ Medialoot.

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