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EFCO Colburn Variable Font Free Download

November 27, 2023

About EFCO Colburn Variable Font Free Download

The Colburn typeface is a throwback to vintage tins, with an impressive range of styles, spanning from compressed to extended. Its square shapes give it a sense of stability and strength, while its wide array of weights and widths make it highly adaptable to any project. Thanks to its variable font tech, you can create smooth transitions between different.

EFCO Colburn   Variable Font

Styles for a cohesive composition, making Colburn perfect for everything from posters and packaging to web design and branding materials. The font family includes 5 weights, 5 widths, and 25 styles in total, including OTF File, Woff and Woff2 Web Fonts,.

EFCO Colburn   Variable Font

As well as a Pdf Specimen. Get creative with Colburn today!.

EFCO Colburn Variable Font Free Download, links below: