60 Fonts from the Civil War Bundle Free Download

About 60 Fonts from the Civil War Bundle Free Download

The first volume in The Printer’s Type Case series is the culmination of three years of research into the typography of the Civil War era, and features 60 of the most common fonts, ornaments, and borders used between the years 1850 and 1865. Every character has been scanned from the pages of original books and documents printed between 1848 and 1867.

Gathered from museums, private collections, and the Library of Congress.These fonts are ideal for museums, historical reenactors and living historians, graphic designers and all lovers of historical type. Create stunning book covers, band logos and album.

Art, and other high-impact branding projects. Also perfect for game design, packaging design, magazine imagery, wedding invitations, and much more.WHAT IS INCLUDED:3 Open Type Book Fonts, used specifically for body text.40 Open Type Display Fonts.10 Open.

Type Borders, including 6 ornamented borders and 4 line borders.Open Type Pointing HandsOpen Type Ornamental CharactersOpen Type Typographical FlourishesOpen Type Brass RulesOpen Type Brass CirclesOpen Type Brass OvalsOpen Type Brass FramesA 45-page specimen.

Book (PDF)Instructions on how to create the borders (PDF)Installation instructions (PDF)ABOUT THE NEW BLAZING STAR PRESS All of our Civil War-era historical fonts were copied entirely from ORIGINAL LETTERS scanned from type specimen, business directories,.

Song sheets, broadsides, and advertisements, printed between 1848 and 1867 gathered from museums, private collections, and the Library of Congress. No cheap work done, but instead with a neatness not to be excelled in the Typographical Art.We neither.

Use humbug, false pretences, nor wear laurels won by competitors.Our fonts have been featured on books from major publishing houses, including Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Penguin Random House, Vintage, Yale University Press, University of Pennsylvania.

Press, and Louisiana State University Press, as well as magazines such as the Civil War Times and Hallowed Ground.Interested parties are respectfully invited to call and examine additional specimens at:www.newblazingstarpress.comThe proprietor is determined.

That this establishment shall not be surpassed by any other.

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