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About Humankind Experimental Font Free Download

Humankind Experimental is a sans serif typeface with a humanist touch. Its letterforms are open and friendly, with a slightly irregular shape that gives it a handmade feel. The typeface includes a full set of Latin characters, as well as support for most Eastern and Central European languages. Humankind is an experimental typeface with radical curves.

It is perfect for those groovy band posters, hippy logos and quotes. Humankind mixes futurist letters with nostalgic curves to create stand out typography. It includes lots of alternate letters! OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, SVG font files uppercase, alternates,.

Numbers, punctuation Multilingual support ( including polish ) FAQ’S Can i use this font for my logo with the desktop license? Yes Can i copyright or trademark a design with this font? I’m not a copyright lawyer but yeah go for it What software do.

The fonts work on? Once installed on your computer it will show up in any software that types Can i upload the fonts to my website or canva? Yes and yes If i want to use the fonts for my website and print design do i need 2 licenses? No, just get either.

One, they are the same price (desktop or web) Can i re-sell this font on dodgy Russian websites and make bulk cash? No that will make me sad. ANY MORE QUESTIONS? Just ask!.

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