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About New Comer Sans Font Free Download

New Comer Sans is a modern sans serif typeface with a clean, minimal design. It features sharp, straight lines and a slightly condensed letterform. New Comer Sans is perfect for headlines, titles, and short blocks of text. New Comer Sans is a combination of two ideas. First is my speed writing with flat acrylic marker on boards. And second is to make.

New bold font something like puffy «comic sans» font. Unstable stems (vertical main lines) give it some playful unserious character. The result is cute funny font. You can use it in short text blocks in huge and medium sizes. For example, for comic books.

Or kids applications.NewComerSans includes:uppercase lowercase more than 480 glyphs which support Latin, Western European, Central European languages (Cyrillic is also included)Hope you are enjoying using New Comer Sans. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Me any questions about the product.(c) Photo credit – Unsplash.

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