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1.0Noyh Update is a new take on the classic Noyh font. It features updated letterforms and a more modern overall look. Noyh is a modern geometric font family that is based on a research of similar typefaces of the 1990s and 2000s. Based on that Chatnarong Jingsuphatada – the font’s designer, created a design which main purpose is to perform equally.

Well in as plenty as projects as possible. Jingsuphatada offers a geometric structure with smooth corners that is quite pleasing to the eye and has high contrast and great legibility which make it quite clean and friendly. As a result, Noyh font works.

Excellently both in print and on a screen, so it could be used freely for e-books and mobile applications and is perfect for headlines, banners, posters, web-sites, magazines, etc.Perhaps the greatest advantage Noyh typeface has is the stunning number.

Of fonts it includes. There are none less than 72 fonts each containing over 350 glyphs. The family has 4 formats – Normal, Rounded, Slim and Slim Rounded. Each format is supplied in 9 weights – from Hairline to Black with their respective Italics. Of.

Course, as expected, the individual fonts work very harmoniously with each other which give the potential users a large variety of options.As it was mentioned above Noyh font family is a brain child of the Thai designer Chatnarong Jingsuphatada and is.

Released by the Typesketchbook type foundry. Chatnarong has already stated that he intents to add another member to the family – Noyh A, that will include ornaments too. It will undoubtedly make the Noyh family even more versatile and multifunctional.

We impatiently look forward to this! Till then you can take a look at his other formidable projects: Delm Mairy Tolyer AbulaGet Noyh font family and enjoy its multifunctionality!—

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