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About Typewriter font Type Old Writer Free Download

I bought an old typewriter from eBay to make this font. I crossed my fingers that it would work. When it arrived it was missing the ink ribbon. I bought one on eBay that didn’t fit.Like an idiot, I got ink all over my hands rolling the new ink onto the old ink ribbon. Next time wear gloves you muppet!With a bit of tinkering, I got it to work long enough.

To finish the font. So here it is Type Old Writer—it does exactly what is says on the tin.Check out my other fonts—http://bit.ly/1SqAL3lAbout Simon StratfordHello, that’s me or itsmesimon, aka Simon Stratford. I design everything from custom typefaces.

For advertising agencies to ready to buy fonts for designers (like you) to the occasional digital oil painting for TV and print.I’ve spent over 20 years in the design industry, from teaching photoshop, web design, movie promotion, and branding agencies.

To digital marketing—I think I’ve done most jobs. I got tired of the rat race and the daily commute in London. So I stopped doing things I didn’t what to do—and started doing things I did want to do—more creative things.So if you want to be part of my.

Tribe, follow me on https://www.instagram.com/itsmesimonok/[email protected] meIf you are interested in hiring me, I’d love to hear from [email protected] for lookingSimon Stratford.

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