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About Wayfinder CF Font Free Download

Wayfinder CF is a hand-drawn font with a playful, yet vintage feel. The letters are slightly imperfect, giving the font a charming and unique personality. The uppercase letters are tall and thin, while the lowercase letters are short and squat. The overall effect is fun and whimsical, making Wayfinder CF perfect for any project that needs a touch of.

Personality. Wayfinder CF is the perfect font for adding both elegance and urgency to any text. With seven different weights, from airy thin to brilliant heavyweight, Wayfinder CF can be used for logos, headlines, titles, and other short texts. It pairs.

Nicely with simple, unadorned typefaces, such as Artifex Hand CF and Greycliff CF, at smaller text sizes. All typefaces from Connary Fagen include free updates, including new features and free technical support.

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