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About Jandus Road A Highway Display Font Free Download

FontJandus Road is a Highway Display Font with a strong, bold look. It is perfect for headlines and other large text. The letters are thick and have a slightly rough edge, giving them a rugged feel. The font is best used in large sizes, where its boldness can really be seen. Jandus Road is a typeface that pays homage to the classic highway fonts of.

The mid-20th century. It takes the simplicity of these fonts and infuses them with vintage flare, softened corners, slight width variation, slanted leg details, and raised counters. The result is a balance of legibility and mid-century design influences.

This typeface is perfect for packaging and branding projects that are looking to create bold impact with a retro flare. The history of highway fonts begins in the 1940s with the development of Highway Gothic by the U.S. government. The goal was to standardize.

All typography used on highway signage in order to make it more legible at high speeds. Highway Gothic was designed with minimal thick-to-thin contrast, large open counters, and distinct characters. This simple but effective design has been used on road.

Signs ever since.Jandus Road includes 12 different font styles, each with its own unique twist on the classic highway font aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a regular, condensed, extended, or depth (3D) style, this typeface has you covered. So get.

Creative and start making some bold typographic statements today!.

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